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What Is a Hawk: Common names used in the Family Accipitridae in English, Catalan, Spanish & French

These are not translations per se; these are the terms used as part of the common names of the species for each language in each genus. For individual species names, follow the links to the English Wikipedia entry, and follow to the language in question.

Subfamily Elaninae (elanid kites)
Genera ElanusChelictiniaGampsonyx and Elanoides
{en} kite, {ca} esparver, {es} elanio, {fr} élanion
Subfamily Perninae (honey buzzards)
Genus Aviceda (bazas) 
{en} baza, {ca} unk, {es} unk, {fr} baza
Genera Henicopernis and Pernis (honey buzzards)
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} abejero, {fr} bondrée
Genus Leptodon (grey-headed and white-collared kites)
{en} kite, {ca} milà, {es} milano, {fr} milan
Genus Chondrohierax (hook-billed and Cuban kites)
{en} kite, {ca} milà, {es} gavilán, {fr} milan
Subfamily Aegypiinae (Old World vultures)
Genera SarcogypsAegypiusTorgosTrigonoceps and Gyps
{en} vulture, {ca} voltor, {es} buitre, {fr} vautour
Genus Necrosyrtes (hooded vulture)
{en} vulture, {ca} aufrany, {es} alimoche, {fr} vautor
Subfamily Gypaetinae (Old World vultures)
Genus Neophron (Egyptian vulture)
{en} vulture, {ca} aufrany, àguila, voltor  {es} alimoche, abanto, guirre o buitre, {fr} percnoptère, vautour
Genus Gypohierax (Palm-nut vulture)
{en} vulture, {ca} voltor, {es} buitre, {fr} palmiste, vautour
Genus Gypaetus (bearded vulture)
{en} vulture, lammergeyer, lammergeier {ca} trencalòs, {es} quebrantahuesos, {fr} gypaète
Genus Eutriorchis (Madagascan serpent eagle)
{en} serpent eagle, {ca} serpentari, {es} culebrera azor, {fr} serpentaire
Subfamily Buteoninae (buteonine hawks)
Genus Geranoaetus
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán or aguilucho, {fr} buse

Genus Buteo
Buteo species in the New World are called "hawks" in English, in the Old World they are called "buzzards:"

{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo or gavilán, {fr} buse
Species B. swainsoni (Swainson's hawk) 
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo, gavilán or aguilucho, {fr} buse
 Species B. ventralis (rufous-tailed hawk) 
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} aguilucho, busardo, gavilán or peuco, {fr} buse
Species B. galapagoensis (Galápagos hawk) 
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} ratonero, cernícalo, gavilán or busardo {fr} buse 
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo or aguilucho, {fr} buse
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán, {fr} buse
Species B. regalis (ferruginous hawk) 
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán, águila o halcón, {fr} buse
Species B. ridgwayi (Ridgway's hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán or guaraguaito, {fr} buse, {fr} buse 
Species B. platypterus (broad-winged hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} águila or gavilán {fr} buse
Species B. albonotatus (zone-tailed hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán, aguilucho, {fr} buse 
Species B. polysoma (variable hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán, aguilucho, águila, ñanco or pihuel, {fr} buse
Species B. buteo (common buzzard)
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} ratonero, busardo, águila, {fr} buse
Species B. rufinus (long-legged buzzard
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} ratonero or busardo, {fr} buse 
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} ratonero, busardo or aguililla, {fr} buse
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} unk, {fr} buse 
Species B. oreophilus (mountain buzzard), B. archeri (Archer's buzzard)(B. auguralis) red-necked buzzard
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo, {fr} buse 
Species (B. brachypterus) Madagascar buzzard
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo, gavilán {fr} buse
Species B. hemilasius (upland buzzard)B. rufofuscus (jackal buzzard), B. augur (Augur buzzard)
 {en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo or ratonero {fr} buse

Genus Parabuteo (Harris's hawk, white-rumped hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo, peuco, halcón, aguililla, gavilán, {fr} buse
Genus Rupornis  (roadside hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} gavilán, aguilucho, taguato {fr} buse
Genus Pseudastur
{en} hawk, {ca} unk, {es} busardo, aguilucho, gavilán, {fr} buse
Genus Morphnarchus (barred hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} unk, {es} busardo, gavilán, {fr} buse
Genus Buteogallus
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo or gavilán, {fr} buse
Genus Busarellus
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo, águila, aguilucho or aguililla, {fr} busarelle
Genus Leucopternis
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo or gavilán, {fr} buse
Genus Cryptoleucopteryx (plumbeous hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} aligot, {es} busardo or gavilán, {fr} buse
Genus Kaupifalco (lizzard hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} unk, {es} "busardo gavilán," {fr} autor or buse
Genus Butastur
{en} buzzard, {ca} aligot, {es} unk, {fr} busautor
Genus Harpyhaliaetus (solitary eagles)
{en} eagle, {ca} àguila, {es} águila, {fr} buse
Genus Geranospiza (crane hawk)
{en} hawk, {ca} unk, {es} azor or gavilán, {fr} buse
Subfamily Aquilinae
Genera Spizaetus and Nisaetus
{en} hawk-eagle, {ca} àguila astor, {es} águila azor, {fr} aigle
Genus Hieraaetus
{en} hawk-eagle, {ca} àguila, {es} águila, {fr} aigle
Genera LophaetusLophotriorchisAquila, IctinaetusStephanoaeteus and Polemaetus
{en} eagle, {ca} àguila, {es} águila, {fr} aigle

Subfamily Circinae (harriers)
Genus Circus
{en} harrier, {ca} arpella, {es} aguilucho, gavilán, aguilucho, vari {fr} busard
Subfamily Polyboroidinae (harrier-hawks)
Genus Polyboroides
{en} harrier-hawk or gymnogene {ca} arpella esperverenca, {es} aguilucho, {fr} gymnogène
Subfamily Milvinae (milvine kites)
Genera HarpagusIctiniaRostrhamusHelicolestesHaliasturMilvusLophoictinia and Hamirostra
{en} kite, {ca} milà, {es} milano, {fr} milan
Subfamily Accipitrinae (goshawks, sparrowhawks and hawk relatives)
Genera AccipiterUrotriorchisErythrotriorchisMegatriorchis
Species named "hawk" in English: {ca} astor, {es} azor, {fr} autor
Species named "goshawk" in English: {ca} astor, {es} azor, {fr} autor
Species named "sparrowhawk"in English: {ca} esparver, {es} gavilán, {fr} épervier
Subfamily Circaetinae (snake eagles)
Genus Terathopius 
{en} bateleur, {ca} àguila, {es} águila, {fr} bateleur
Genus Circaetus
{en} snake eagle, {ca} àguila serpentera, {es} culebrera, {fr} circaète
Genus Spilornis
{en} serpent eagle, {ca} serpentari, {es} culebrera, {fr} serpentaire
Genus Pithecophaga (Philippine eagle)
{en} eagle, {ca} àguila, {es} águila, {fr} aigle
Subfamily Haliaeetinae (sea eagles)
Genus Haliaeetus
{en} sea eagle or fish eagle, {ca} pigarg or àguila marina, {es} pigargo or águila marina, {fr} pygargue
Species H. leucocephalus (bald eagle)
{ca} àguila marina de cap blanc o pigarg americà, {es} águila americana, águila de cabeza blanca, pigargo de cabeza blanca or pigargo americano, {fr} pygargue à tête blanche
Genus Ichthyophaga
{en} fish eagle, {ca} pigarg, {es} pigarguillo, {fr} pygargue
Subfamily Harpiinae
Genera Morphnus (crested eagle) and Harpia (harpy eagle)
{en} eagle, {ca} harpia, {es} arpía or águila, {fr} harpie
Genus Harpyopsis (Papuan eagle)
{en} eagle, {ca} àguila, {es} arpía, {fr} aigle
Subfamily Melieraxinae (chanting goshawks)
Genus Melierax (Micronisus)
{en} goshawk, {ca} astor, {es} azor, {fr} autor

Per Wikipedia:

Hawk is a common name for some birds of prey, widely distributted and varying greatly in size.

The large and widespread Accipiter genus includes goshawkssparrowhawks, the Sharp shinned Hawk and others. These are mainly woodland birds with long tails and high visual acuity, hunting by sudden dashes from a concealed perch.
  In Australia and Africa hawks include some of the species in the subfamily Accipitrinae, which comprises the genera AccipiterMicronisusMelierax, Urotriorchis and Megatriorchis.

In the Americas (and other areas) the term includes small to medium-sized members of the Accipitridae—the family which includes the "true hawks" as well as eagleskitesharriers and buzzards. 

Owls are members of the order Strigiformes and are not hawks.

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